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About Us

We are Christ-centered Women, Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, & Daughters assisting in the rebirth and restoration within and for the Next Founding by Facilitating through the Original Culture/Hebrew Way Principles, Organic Environments, Materials & Skills, which build foundation & unlock the chambers within.

Why You Should Join Us?

Do you want a supportive community in learning the Hebraic Principles of Creation?  We've walked this journey and we do not want you to have to walk it alone!  We know you will love having a community that are on this same journey with you; experiencing discoveries from Original Sources, making deeper connections and finding so much more meaning for your own life!  Your opportunity for growth overcoming challenges will continue when you have like-minded friends with you!

A Big Thanks

Thank you to those women who have joined our community in it's efforts to bring the Hebraic Principles of Creation into the Home & Heart of the Mother.  We are preparing to Facilitate this agency-based learning in establishing our Next Founding through these Hebraic principles and nourishing arts of the Organic Environments & Materials.